These special airbags protect your life during an accident

Oct 22 2019 09:34 AM
These special airbags protect your life during an accident

You might not know about this special airbag helmet. How important it is to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler is not hidden from anyone. The use of helmets while driving scooters, bikes etc., often gives life to people in difficult times. Therefore, at the government level, considerable efforts are made to promote wearing of helmets during driving. Despite this, some people avoid it. A special airbag helmet would be quite a convenience for such people. However, it is currently designed for cyclists only. This air-based special helmet is a Swedish hoisting device. In case of an accident, this device swells like a pillow and completely covers your throat and head. The special thing is that this airbag can protect you even when there is no maximum amount of air. This airbag helmet is thicker and softer than a normal bike helmet. Not only this, this bike helmet airbag has the ability to detect the chances of an accident much better.

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The thing to note is that this helmet is, in fact, an airbag that is meant to protect your head. But, do not let it wear you like a normal helmet while cycling home. It has to be hugged just like a collar. It automatically covers your head in an accident or a difficult time. In fact, this special type of airbag opens only when there is a possibility of some kind of accident. This helmet is designed by looking at bicycle safety. In view, it is like a helmet collar, which you can wear around your neck. In the hour of trouble, this collar spreads out and becomes a helmet and covers your head.

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The speciality of this helmet-like airbag is that it records each of your movements 200 times per second. That is, when you can get in trouble, this airbag catches you first and protects you by turning into a quick helmet. The sensors in the airbag identify the accident using an algorithm. This airbag is so easy to carry that it can be easily carried around the neck in daily riding. Just like you wear a helmet while going on a bike or scooter. The most important thing is that it is soft and padded compared to the common helmet, so it is not too heavy. That is, it does safety like a common helmet, but is much more convenient than that.

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