Drink celery water on an empty stomach every day, know the benefits

Sep 12 2019 10:22 AM
Drink celery water on an empty stomach every day, know the benefits

Celery helps to enhance the taste of your food. If you add celery in food, it is also good for your health. But do you know that the celery that is used to make your food tasty and can prove to be a boon for your health? Today we are going to tell you what are the effects of celery on health. You can take advantage of it by eating it or drinking its water on an empty stomach in the morning.

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* If you are persistent to acidity or indigestion, then its intake will prove beneficial. It has antacid property, which relieves acidity and gas-related discomfort. You should eat it in the morning with lukewarm water. If you want, grind celery, black salt, and dried ginger and prepare a mixture and eat it daily after meals.

* Celery prevents cholesterol from growing and keeps your heart healthy. This reduces the risk of heart-related illness such as heart attack.

* It also gives relief from toothache. For this, mix celery oil and clove oil and apply it on the teeth. This also ends the problem of the smell coming from the mouth.

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* Regularly consumed celery with lukewarm water gives relief from diseases like asthma. Apart from this, drinking ajwain with turmeric milk in cold and cold also gives relief.

* Drinking celery water on an empty stomach every day improves your metabolism. This helps control your weight and keep you away from obesity.

* It also controls diabetes problems. This keeps your sugar level under control. Therefore, consume its water regularly.

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