Akash Chowdhary also know as Attitude Shayar & Rising Star
Akash Chowdhary also know as Attitude Shayar & Rising Star

Akash Chowdhary hails from the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was born in the year 2000. Akash Chowdhary is a man who has many feathers in his cap and his ability to dedicate himself fully to each and everything he does is what makes his story commendable. He is known under many positions, social media influencer, tiktok star, attitude shayari and digital marketer being just a few of them. But in all these fields of work, he is called by one nickname, that being Mister Akash. isn’t against this nickname and believes it is a mark of the admiration and support he receives from colleagues and admirers alike. will never be able to hold them back. With this positive mindset Akash Chowdhary carried on with his education and early life.

From a young age, Akash Chowdhary knew that he liked to help others whether that be through motivational messages or even something lighthearted and fun to lift up your spirits. And he found a perfect platform to do exactly that in Tiktok. Akash Chowdhary is in himself a man of many interests. The short clips he makes on Tiktok and other social media are a testimony to this. They range from discussions on mental health, trending topics about films and sports, national news, entrepreneurship tips and many more. 

Akash Chowdhary states that although he himself has put in a lot of effort, he is also human and the love and support he has received is what has made him big today. His motivation in life is his parents and they had always supported him in whatever mission he has embarked upon. He is in himself; a great example of how positive reinforcement and a strong support system can change your life. 

Akash Chowdhary never upsets the audience or fans that follow him and puts up content that is either trending. One of three is basic strategies is to make sure to cheque the hashtags on a daily basis an accordingly make things or storylines that concern the hashtags. This way when people are going through the accounts in a chronological order, his one is more likely to pop up. Since social media sites follow a specific algorithm in which they recommend posts which have their hashtags arranged under them, cracking the code to this is a major part of being an influencer.

Just having a basic idea to build up your account is not enough. Akash Chowdhary has in fact learned from his family and close friends how important support is and have always been supportive of whatever he does. And henceforth he has always been optimistic towards his work. Actually it is theoretically and practically proven that people who come from a healthy background have a rather successful way in life. Just like they have been uplifted throughout their career path and childhood, they tried to do the same for each and every person that they need or come in contact with. Follow him on tiktok and make sure to like all his latest videos! 

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