Hathras Gangrape: Akshay Kumar says "Hang the culprits, raise ur voice to safeguard daughters"

Sep 29 2020 03:20 PM
Hathras Gangrape: Akshay Kumar says

Mumbai: A 19-year-old Dalit girl who was gang-raped in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh succumbed to her injuries in a Delhi hospital today. Four men gang-raped her a fortnight ago. She was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital in the country's capital on Monday evening after her condition deteriorated.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has now expressed grief over the incident. He tweeted, "Angry & Frustrated!Such brutality in #Hathras gangrape.When will this stop?Our laws & their enforcement must be so strict that the mere thought of punishment makes rapists shudder with fear!Hang the culprits.Raise ur voice to safeguard daughters & sisters-its the least we can do".

On September 14, when the victim went to collect cattle in a field, she was gang-raped by four miscreants and when she tried to scream, they tried to cut her tongue with teeth, causing a deep wound on the tongue. The youngest of five siblings was also placed on life support for a few days. At the behest of the father, the victim was referred to Delhi on Monday, where she died.

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