Kangana Ranaut replies to Javed Akhtar's Bhagat Singh tweet

Sep 29 2020 01:14 PM
Kangana Ranaut replies to Javed Akhtar's Bhagat Singh tweet

Mumbai: September 28 was the 113th birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. While on this day the whole country was bowing to him, on the other hand, Bollywood's famous lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar made a tweet that created a ruckus on social media. Javed Akhtar tweeted that, 'Some people not only refuse to face the fact but want to hide it from others too that Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a Marxist n  had written an article why l am an atheist . Any guess who are such people .I wonder if today he would have been around what they would have called him.'

This tweet by Javed Akhtar sparked a new debate on social media. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut also jumped into this debate. Kangana, while replying to Javed Akhtar's tweet, attacked him and wrote, 'I also wonder if #BhagatSing was alive would he rebel against the government chosen by his own people by a democratic process or will he support them?Had he seen Bharat Mata cut in pieces based on religions would he still choose to be an atheist or will he wear his Basanti Chola? '

At the same time, Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar also responded to Javed Akhtar's tweet. Swara Bhaskar wrote that this is a sad truth. Apart from this, many other social media users have also reacted to Javed Akhtar's tweet and expressed their opinion.


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