'Mosque will be built demolishing Ram temple...', Why Owaisi-Maulana's words are like 'terrorists'?
'Mosque will be built demolishing Ram temple...', Why Owaisi-Maulana's words are like 'terrorists'?

Lucknow: Islamic terrorists have an evil eye on the Ram temple being built after the order of the Supreme Court in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. International terrorist organization Al Qaeda has taken a pledge in the latest issue of its magazine Ghazwa-e-Hind that a mosque will be built in its place by demolishing the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Apart from this, the magazine released online this week by Jihadi Feed has also spewed venom against PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath. Along with this, Al Qaeda has asked Indian Muslims to support Jihad.

As per reports, the 110-page editorial said, "The way the Ram temple is being built on the edifice of the Babri Masjid, it will be demolished and a Babri Masjid will be built in the name of Allah in place of the idols." All this demands sacrifice. However, looking at the contents of the magazine, it appears that it is written by someone familiar with the Indian milieu. Al Qaeda has addressed Indian Muslims saying that they 'should not be afraid of material loss' because they have already suffered the loss of life and property for decades. Al Qaeda provoked the Indian Muslims and said that, if this life and property were used for Jihad, then there would not have been so much damage. The terror outfit spewing venom has described secularism as "hell" for Indian Muslims and asserted that the slogan of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood is "a hoax".

The terrorist organization also presented false facts to provoke Indian Muslims, it said, 'All this is not mere talk. The Babri Masjid was demolished 30 years ago. While, 20 years ago in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, pregnant women along with their babies were beheaded and burnt and today bulldozers are running everywhere. Hindus are sharpening knives, spears, and swords for everyone from Jamia Millia (Islamia) and Aligarh to Jamia Osmania (Hyderabad suburb) and Deoband (city). Al Qaeda has said in its magazine that, 'All Hindus are being taught to use sticks. There are reports of Hindu women cutting off the faces and heads of Muslims with vegetable knives. Al-Qaeda intends to fight a jihad so that the entire Indian subcontinent becomes part of Islamic rule and idol worship ceases.' Keep in mind that every terrorist organization in the world is against idol worship. Because in Islam, idol worship is considered Haram or a diabolical act. This is the reason why, from the Mughal period to today's terrorism, fanatics destroyed idols and temples, and built mosques in their places. 

Let us inform you that, today, these radical views towards idol worshipers or 'Hindus' are not only of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, but also some radical Muslims of India who cries for democracy, constitution, and law in everything, are not able to digest the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya that is happening after the order of the Supreme Court of India. They keep threatening every day that there was a mosque in Ayodhya and it will remain so in the future. Recently, a Maulana had given a statement in this regard that 'within 50-100 years, as soon as the Muslim rule comes in India, a mosque will be built in place of the Ram temple.' Maulana Sajid Rashidi, the president of a big organization like All India Imam Association, had said that the coming generations of Muslims will not remain silent about this and in the coming times, as soon as the Muslim rule comes, Babri Masjid can be built by demolishing the Ram temple. And don't you see Maulana Rashidi's words matching with the threats of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda? 

This thinking is not only of Sajid Rashidi, many Muslim leaders have given similar statements. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has said many times that 'Babri Masjid was, is, and will remain in Ayodhya. Inshallah.' Owaisi has also said this many times that Muslims will tell their future generations that a temple was built here after martyring the mosque. When Owaisi stood up from the stage and spoke against the order of the Supreme Court, the Muslim crowd present there supported him by raising slogans. No one explains to Owaisi, a Muslim intellectual, who cries out for law and constitution, that the Supreme Court has given its decision only after seeing all the arguments and evidence. Not only this, but Owaisi's brother Akbaruddin also talks about teaching a lesson to the 100 crore population of the country by releasing the police for 15 minutes.

Recently, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) student leader Mohammad Farid took out a march celebrating December 6, 2022, as 'Black Day'. In this, the students were carrying posters in their hands, in which it was written, 'Jab Arje Khuda Ke Kaab Se, Sab But Utarvaye Jayenge'. That means all the idols will be broken. During this, the students kept saying that 'Babri Masjid is still alive'. It is clear from this that even in the threat of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, what Maulana Sajid Rashidi is saying, what Asaduddin, who is doing politics in the name of Muslims, is saying and the same thing is being said by Muslim students studying in AMU. That's why avoiding it by calling it only a personal statement of one person, will put the country in danger. There may be some deep conspiracy behind this, like the radical Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) has made, to make India an Islamic country by the year 2047.

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