Alert! Do You Know WhatsApp can rob you of your bank savings

Online fraud has been on the rise ever since the covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Security researchers have cautioned users about a new delivery scam that is doing the rounds. The scammers send messages with wicked links via WhatsApp informing users about their online orders. The innocent users fall for the scam and end up losing all their bank savings. If you are quick enough, you would never fall for such scams but the moment you let your guards down without thinking, the scammers would gain.

"Unexpected parcels requiring payment by the recipient remained one of the most common tricks this past quarter. The reason for the invoice from the 'mail company' could be anything from customs duties to shipment costs. When trying to pay for the service, as with compensation fraud, victims were taken to a fake website, where they risked not only losing the amount itself (which could be far higher than specified in the email) but also spilling their bank card details," an alert message reads this.

When the user clicks on the link, he is taken to a fake website where he is asked to enter his bank details to make the small payment. This happens if the customer does not remember anything about his online orders. When you buy something from Amazon or Flipkart, you know what you have ordered and when the parcel box will be delivered to you. That is because you have a tracker on the app and you also get messages about the location of the products. No company will ever ask you to make a payment to ensure safe delivery even if you have opted for cash on delivery mode of payment. The order will be first delivered to you and then you can make the payment or you can simply pay the money before using your wallet or card. No additional payments will be charged no matter what happens.

The researchers have asked users to be wary of such emails and always check the source of messages that don't seem too reliable. You should never click on any link that doesn't carry a proper website address or seems suspicious. It is advisable to install security solutions to keep such threats, phishing attacks at bay.

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