Alert! for Apple users, XcodeGhost malware attack on Apple IOS
Alert! for Apple users, XcodeGhost malware attack on Apple IOS

This news is not good for the users of Apple IOS. The IOS, considered to be the safest, has also been attacked by a dangerous malware. This means about 128 million, nearly 8 crore users are reported to be affected. The name of this malware is XcodeGhost. This is not the first time that the malware had attacked before it was also affected by the iPhone and iPad uploaded on the App Store in 2015. Apple's internal emails revealed that 128 million users downloaded 2500 apps that are affected by malware and have seen fake copies of Xcode amid the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Apple. According to the Motherboard report, these 2500 infected apps have been downloaded from the App Store 203 million times when it comes to totals.

Downloaded infected Xcode because the server is slow. According to media reports, some developers have downloaded infected Xcode because Apple's server is already running even more slowly, so they found alternative download links. This includes 55 percent of China's customers and 66 percent of downloads. According to Apple's internal emails, 18 million of these users are from the US.

Games like Angry Birds 2: In which popular games like 'Angry Birds 2' have also been affected a lot. When it came to know about malware, Apple immediately asked developers to recompile apps with the correct version of Xcode their apps. After the incident, While submitting the app to the App Store, Apple has corrected both the security of the Xcode installation process and malware scanning.

Legal battle between Apple and Epic Games begins: Janha It has been revealed that a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has begun this week in which new things have emerged. It also revealed that Epic Games CEO Tim Swinney has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to open his iPhone on other app stores at the earliest.

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