Alexa performed the ritual by singing Bhajans when Pandit ji failed to come

Science has greatly influenced our lives. In such a situation, in today's time, we depend on the inventions and modern techniques made by scientists to meet our daily needs. In fact, it has made human life easier, simpler, faster and due to this, people depend on science and technology for small things. Now, these days a video related to this is going viral. What is seen in this video shows that the e-commerce shopping website Amazon's artificial intelligence-based Alexa is becoming very popular in India.


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This is a virtual assistant technology, which considers all your things very well. Now we Indians use it in many things, but the video that has come out these days is a little different because here Panditji is seen singing Bhajans in absence of Pandit Ji. In this viral video, there is a ritual of worship going on in the house. During this time, a girl is seen sitting on a chair with her feet in milk and the rest of the house members are keeping her lap attached to the ritual.

In the meantime, suddenly the girl's mother-in-law activates Alexa and asks her to play Swasti Vachan Bhajans. After this, the Bhajans start playing and people stand with their hands tied. This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named @travelingcoats and it is also being liked by the people. Many people are surprised to see this scene and they say that Alexa is also being used in the rituals and worship

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