Rahul won't attend Ranbir-Alia's wedding, says 'will fulfil brother's duty'

Nowadays, there is talk of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor everywhere. People are constantly talking about their marriage and at the moment it is reported that on April 14, the two are going to take seven vows. The preparations for this wedding are going on with the jostle and bustle in the Bhatt and Kapoor family. Amidst all this, the fans of this couple are eager to know every small and big thing related to the couple's wedding. Amidst all this, Alia's half brother Rahul Bhatt has also made many revelations. Yes, recently, Rahul Bhatt has told what kind of security will be there in the marriage and what will be the contribution of his side in the marriage.

In fact, he said, 'I will be there for the rituals.' But I'm not going to dance and sing there. I am a gym instructor by profession and I will be there as a bouncer. I will be the protector of the marriage. I am proud that Alia has achieved so much success at such a young age. '

Rahul Bhatt says that he will look after the security and will do the duty of a brother. Apart from this, Rahul also said that there was a special demand for security guards on behalf of the actor and his family. It was said that his personality should be good. Be diplomatic, English speaking, very polite in nature and non-smoker. Due to this, Yusuf Bhai has taken over the responsibility of security in the marriage and the best security force of the Mumbai '9/11' agency belongs to him. It is being said that they have been hired for security in the wedding. About 200 bouncers have been called from this agency.

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