All Saints Day-November 1

Nov 01 2020 07:03 AM
All Saints Day-November 1

On November 1 of each year, Christians around the world, particularly many Roman Catholics celebrate All Saints Day which is in honour of all saints of the church that have reached heaven. It may also be known as All Hallows' Day, Solemnity of All Saints, Hallowmas, or Feast of Saints.

The celebration on November 1 was settled by Pope Gregory III during his administration, it began solemnly in Rome but after many years Pope Gregory IV decided it would be celebrated by the entire Church.

All Saints Day recognizes the Saints that have successfully reached eternal abode but only God knows of their sainthood. All Saints’ Day is normally observed in the Catholic Church as a Holy Day of Obligation. The day is mainly celebrated in Germany and France where they take the day off work and businesses close as it is seen as a bank holiday. The Philippines know All Saints Day as ‘Undas’ and is for honoring the departed with prayers, flowers and many traditional acts

The message of All Saints Day upholds the Christian faith, realizing that God in his unending love and mercy for us, turns the darkness of death into the dawn of new life. The sadness of death gives away to the bright promise of immortality. Oh, lord almighty, we realize, for the faithful people, life is changed indeed but not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death, we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven.

All Saints' Day is celebrated the next day of Halloween Evening

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