All Saints' Day is celebrated the next day of Halloween Evening
All Saints' Day is celebrated the next day of Halloween Evening

All Saints 'Day, also known as All Hallows' Day is one of the most important day in Christianity. It is intended to commemorate all those saints, including those who are no longer or celebrated individually.

In Christianity it is still celebrated on 1 November by the Roman Catholic Church as well as many Protestant churches. The Eastern Orthodox Church and affiliated Eastern Catholic and Byzantine Lutheran churches celebrated it on the first Sunday of Pentecost. The Church of the East and the Allied Eastern Catholic Church is also celebrats All Saints Day on the first Friday after Easter.

In Western Christian practice the celebration begins in Vespers on the evening of 31 October, All Hallows Eve (All Saints Eve), ends on 1 November. It is thus one day before All Souls' Day. In many traditions, All Saints' Day is part of the season of Olhelovat, consisting of three days from 31 October to 2 November, and in some denominations, such as Anglicanism, commemorates Sundays. In places where All Saints' Day is celebrated as a public holiday, but not All Souls' Day, cemeteries and gravesite rituals such as flowers, candles and prayers or blessings for the graves of loved ones often occur on All Saints' Day. In Austria and Germany, godparents gift their godmiller Ellerhilliganstrizel (All Saint's Brad) on All Saint's Day, while the practice of smuggling is popular in Portugal.

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