Alok Nath says,
Alok Nath says, "I need to pass on some sanskar to my son"

The veteran actor Alok Nath is famous for his sanskari roles. But his son needs some sanskar as he avoided regular check for drunk driving after a party at a Khar pub.

According to report, "Shivang(son of alok Nath) did not hold a license and had to pay a fine of Rs2,600 to cops."

When asked to Alok Nath, he said, “He was lucky to be let off with a warning, but that doesn't mean he can do what he wants.My son was present at the court and he accepted his mistake. Since it was his first offence, the court let him off with a strict warning. As a father, I told him that he shouldn't have taken the wheels and instead, requested someone else, who wasn’t under the influence, to drive."

"I need to pass on some sanskaar to my son. I am sure he will learn from his mistakes," he added.

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