These 6 unique trees of the world have deep secrets

Feb 18 2020 10:59 AM
These 6 unique trees of the world have deep secrets

The tree is the most important part of the life of a human being because, with the help of trees, the person gets life-giving oxygen. Due to the clean and pure air from the trees, the amount of harmful carbon dioxide in human breath is balanced. In the case of trees, scientists from all over the world have not discovered trees of all species even today. There are many such mysterious and unique trees in the world, whose origin has become a puzzle for everyone. 

General Sherman

There is a unique tree present in California's Sequoia National Park, which is believed to be around 2300 to 2700 years old. This redwood tree is 275 feet tall and 25 feet thick. Being so many years old, the General Sherman tree makes the tourists visiting the park crazy. The tree is named after General Sherman of the American Civil War. The Sherman tree has been the pride of trees for a long time due to its beautiful shape and history.

Wollemi Pine

Scientists believe that at one time dinosaurs lived on the earth. Even today, there is a living dinosaur. The whole name is Wollemi Pine, it is not a dinosaur but a tree. The fossil of this tree is 200 million years old. Hence the Wollemi Pine tree remains a mystery to the world. The Wollemi Pine tree was first discovered by scientists in 1994. Because of being millions of years old, the Wollemi Pine raises many questions for every human being.

Chandelier Tree 

The glow of the redwood trees attracts everyone. 175 miles north of San Francisco, USA, there is a giant tree, which has to pay $ 3 to get out from under it. The name of this unique tree is Chandelier. To remove the carriage of fond people from under this tree, the makers have given the lower part of the tree a tunnel shape. Due to the tunnel shape and the giant, the Chandelier tree has been attracting the attention of tourists for a long time.


In the history of trees, 80,000 thousand years old trees cannot be forgotten by Pandas, because the name of Pandas comes in very large and extremely heavy trees. This tree stands on the ground with a weight of 60 lakh kg. This 40,000-stem tree is found in the southwestern part of Pando Utah, which is located about a mile from Fish Lake. There is another feature in this rare tree, which everyone needs to remember. And that is, from the branches of this tree, another tree is born. Because the trunks of Pandas die single-handedly.

The tool

Another tree, like the General Sharman tree, exists in the Mexican state of Santa Maria. This tree has also left the General Sharman tree behind, as it is 119 feet thick compared to the Sherman tree. Due to this thickness and 2,000 years old, the tree has caught the attention of every tourist. The Toole tree, measuring 116 feet in height, got its name from Ai Arbo de Toole. It is believed that this tree was planted 1400 years ago by an angel named Aztec Storm. This tree has many secrets in itself in Mexico.


There is such a tree in the desert area of the world, no one has been able to estimate its age correctly. No other tree can be seen anywhere near the tree we are talking about. This rare tree is known as Bahrain. Some people believe that this tree is 400 years old.

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