This woman's ring was lost 47 years ago, found in such condition from Finland forest

Feb 17 2020 05:52 PM
This woman's ring was lost 47 years ago, found in such condition from Finland forest

If we lose anything, whether small or big, we try hard to find it, till we do not meet, we are not able to sit in peace. In such a situation, if that forgotten thing is returned, there is no cure for happiness. Some similar incidents have happened with a woman from America. The lost ring of this woman was found after 47 years in the forest of Finland. But the process of this ring from the forest to reach this woman is somewhat different.

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Actually, this ring of 63-year-old Debra McKenna, who lives in Brunswick in the US, went missing in 1973. Debra McKenna said that this ring belongs to her husband Shan. Shaan wore this ring when we both started dating each other during college days, but he gave it to me when he left college. Recently, the work of leveling land is going on in Karina Park, located in the south-west region of Finland. In this park, metal sheet worker Mark Saarinen was working with the help of a dictator.

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During this time, he found this ring within 20 cm of soil. Mark Saarinen was very happy to get this ring. The School of Morse 1973 is inscribed on this ring. Based on this, when the School Alumni Association was contacted, it was revealed that this ring is of Shan, after which this ring was mailed to Shan's address. Shaan's wife Debra McKenna was shocked after seeing this ring after 47 years. Debra said that I had no hope that she would get this ring back.

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