Amazing! Bride and Groom set themselves on fire for special entry, you will be shocked to see video

Nowadays the season of weddings is going on. In such a situation, many videos of weddings are going viral on social media with fanfare. The unique and amazing video of the wedding has started going viral on social media. The bride and groom have been seen making various plans to make their entry into their wedding memorable. Along with which the videos are seen on social media.

Recently, there has been a daredevil stunt video to watch, which the bride and groom doing has become the subject of discussions on social media these days. In fact, to make their entry in the middle of their wedding memorable, a couple thought of doing something different. The groom seen in the video at the moment is a stuntman who entered the wedding ceremony in a daredevil manner with his bride.

In the clip that is going viral, stuntman Gabe Jessop and his wife Anbir Bambir Mitchell have also been seen in the pair of grom and bride. After this, a man goes behind them and sets them on fire and they slowly start moving towards the stage. Seeing which the breath of social media users has stopped. At the end of the video, the groom's team is seen dousing the fire by rubbing carbon dioxide gas on both of them. At the moment, this feat done for the entry of the marriage is so much that no one will refuse to do it. At the same time, this video is doing the rounds on social media. It has received more than 79,000 views at the time of writing the news. At the same time, everyone is calling it quite a dangerous stunt. At the same time, some are calling it madness too.



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