Amazon Clinic Launched as virtual health service for common diseases
Amazon Clinic Launched as virtual health service for common diseases

Los Angeles: The US-based virtual healthcare service Amazon Clinic, which offers treatments for more than 20 "common health concerns" like allergies, dandruff, hair loss, birth control, erectile dysfunction, and acne, went live on Tuesday.

The service will connect clients with affordable virtual care options when and how they need the service, whether be at home, after dinner, at the grocery store, or on the go. The programme will initially be accessible in 32 states.

"We think that to really improve care, we need to improve both the occasional and continuing involvement experience. By giving consumers access to convenient, affordable care in collaboration with dependable providers, Amazon Clinic is just one of the ways we're aiming to empower people to take charge of their health, the company said in a blog post.
For getting started with Amazon Clinic, customers will need to select their condition, then select their preferred provider from a list of licensed and qualified telehealth providers. They will also have to finish a brief admission questionnaire.

Customers and clinicians will then be able to communicate directly via the secure message-based portal, providing them the ability to communicate whenever it is convenient yo do so" anytime, anywhere, according to the blog post.
Finally, the doctor will use the gateway to send a customised treatment plan.

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