Ambani’s Children Isha and Akash were born through IVF, reveal Isha Ambani

Feb 01 2019 03:20 PM
Ambani’s  Children Isha and Akash were born through IVF, reveal Isha Ambani

Isha Ambani and her mommy, Nita Ambani’s relationship is often listed under one of the most beautiful celebrity mommy-daughter duos. With everybody dreaming to be like the Ambanis, quite a private person, Isha, in a recent interview shared many interesting details about the life of the Ambanis, the feeling to be a part of such a prestigious lineage and growing up in the Ambani household and the ‘boss lady’ of the Ambani house, Nita Ambani. There will hardly be any occasion wherein, you will spot Isha or most of her family members without Nita.

In a one Intersting talk, Isha shared that she and her twin brother, Akash were born through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)! Speaking about the same, Isha shared, “My parents had us after seven years of marriage—my twin Akash and I were IVF babies. When my mother finally had us she wanted to be a full-time mum initially. Later, she went back to work when we were five, but she was still a tiger mom.”

Flshback to  their mom-daughter fights, Isha further stated, “I remember, whenever mom and I had fights, we’d call dad to resolve the issue. My mom was way stricter. If we wanted to bunk school, dad would be like “It’s no big deal” but mom would ensure we ate on time, studied hard and got our playtime as well. My grandparents (paternal and maternal) and my maasi played a huge role in bringing us up.” 

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