Ambulance driver became a millionaire

There is a famous saying in our country that when the fate of a person changes, everything changes in a jiffy. One such case of changing fortunes has come to light from East Bardhaman region of West Bengal, where the fate of an ambulance driver turned such that he became a millionaire overnight. This ambulance driver got up in the morning and bought a lottery ticket for Rs 270 and by noon he became a millionaire.

According to the news, the name of the ambulance driver is Sheikh Hira. Sheikh had gone to a shop for some work after getting up in the morning. He bought a lottery ticket for Rs 270 from the shop. After that he went to his work. When the result of the lottery came in the afternoon, he got a jackpot of Rs 1 crore. Seeing this, Shaikh jumped with joy. Ambulance driver Sheikh Hira was so happy after winning the jackpot of Rs 1 crore that he went straight to the police station to seek advice. There was also the fear of losing the lottery ticket in his mind. Eventually the Shaktigarh police took him safely to his house. A police team has been deployed at his house.

The same Sheikh said that his mother was ill for a long time and her treatment was going on. But due to paucity of money, proper treatment could not be done. Now when so much money comes, he will get his mother treated well. Sheikh said that now with the money of this lottery, his mother will get well soon.

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