Flight engineer Christina Koch became longest-lived woman in space
Flight engineer Christina Koch became longest-lived woman in space

New York: Recently, NASA astronaut Christina Koch has become the longest-lived woman in space. The flight engineer Christina has recorded the record of NASA's astronaut Peggy Whitson for 288 days in the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday, December 28, 2019.

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Scott Kelly's name is record: Christina will return from ISS in February 2020. She was also included in the women's team, which moved out of ISS in October this year. The record for the longest (340 days) stay in the ISS is to Scott Kelly, who was in space during 2015-16.

Peggy is Idol: Christina thanked Peggy for helping her successfully stay in space for a long time on Thursday, December 26, 2019. While there she said, Peggy, has been my idol. She gave me a lot of guidance during her stay in ISS. After returning to Earth, I will also guide astronauts.

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Enjoyed the Baseball Game: Not long ago, 3 astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) enjoyed the baseball game. In the video tweeted by astronaut Jessica Mir, she is seen throwing the ball herself, while Christina is the coach catcher. Andrew Morgan is using a flashlight as a bat. Where she was caught out by Jessica Mir on the first ball. Astronauts Jessica Mir and Christina Koch, who played baseball at ISS, made history for the first time only 2 months ago with the Women's Space Walk. Both had strolled in space for about 6 and a half hours.

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