Increased hatred against China in Hong Kong, protest on New Year
Increased hatred against China in Hong Kong, protest on New Year

Beijing: For the last few days, China is not taking the name of the problem of Hong Kong. Not only Hong Kong, but also the economy of China is seen to be derailed due to continuous violent protests for almost seven months. At the same time, the protesters have announced to hold a big rally against China on January 1. Apart from this, hatred towards the people of China is also increasing among Hong Kong people. This is the reason why the slogan of Quit Hong Kong businessmen is echoing everywhere here. This slogan is proving to be the worst situation for China so far.

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Sources say that this is clearly giving a direct indication of the hatred that is developing in Hong Kong for the Chinese government and its original inhabitants. Let us also tell you here that amidst the protests in Hong Kong, a large number of Chinese citizens and Chinese students have left from here. Alam is that the protest which started in June in protest against a bill has now reached the independence of Hong Kong and to drive China out of here.

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This time on the occasion of Christmas in Hong Kong, the noise of protests was heard everywhere. On Saturday, a large number of people gathered in Shyong Sui, bordering China, and shouted slogans demanding that Chinese businessmen leave. However, the police had made elaborate arrangements to deal with the protesters. Police were deployed in plain clothes to identify the protesters. This was the reason that many people were arrested during this protest against China. During this, there was a clash between police and protesters. According to the official figures, during the last six months, the police have arrested about seven thousand protesters. Among them, the youngest performer is 12 years old.

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