Woman living with four boyfriends got pregnant, says, "All four are 'father' of this child"
Woman living with four boyfriends got pregnant, says,

Washington: The case of a loving couple from Florida, US has come to light. Here, a 20-year-old woman named Tori Ojeda has 4 male partners and they all live together. It sounds a bit strange to hear, but even more shocking is that Tory is pregnant and has decided that all her boyfriends will be the father of her child.

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Not only this, but all four of his partners have also agreed with this decision of Tory. These five have decided that they will all together nurture the child. After coming to know about this, everyone is surprised about their relationship and the decision taken to raise their child. Their love stories are as surprising as their relationship.

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According to an international report, Tory lives with her 3 boyfriends in a flat in Jacksonville, Florida (US). While the 4th partner is different. Tori said that she had met her first boyfriend Mark (18) in high school. After about 2-3 months, she fell in love with Travis (23) and after this, she also gave her heart to her mutual friends, Ethan (22) and Christopher (22), and during this time she became pregnant.

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