'Hatred will be eradicated only by following path of Ram-Sita,' says New York Mayor
'Hatred will be eradicated only by following path of Ram-Sita,' says New York Mayor

Washington: This year Diwali was celebrated with great pomp in America. US President Joe Biden organized the biggest Diwali celebrations ever at the White House. At the same time, in New York City, people celebrated Diwali with full gusto. New York Mayor Eric Adams urged people to follow the path shown by Lord Rama, and Mother Sita and become more 'beams of light' on the occasion of Diwali. He praised Mother Sita and said that she was a strong woman, and did not succumb to any temptation. She was determined and committed. Advising to adopt the teachings of Diwali, he said on Tuesday (October 25) that, 'Darkness is enough. We are only engaged in the desire to find places we disagree with.'


Simultaneously, the Mayor of New York extended Diwali greetings to a large gathering of prominent members of Indian-American, South Asian and other communities. Diwali celebrations were held at his official residence. He said, 'Come live life like Ram, live life like Sita. Let's follow the lessons of Diwali. Live what this holiday represents, and then we will know that we have fulfilled our responsibility and obligation.' He said, 'Deepawali is a festival for all of us to sit together, talk and put an end to the heinous crimes against Sikhs. Darkness is enough and we need to be a ray of light, showing the nation that we need to dispel darkness.

Consul General of India Randhir Jaiswal and Member of the New York Assembly Jennifer Rajkumar were also present at the ceremony. If we celebrate the removal of darkness for just one day, we are betraying the principles of Diwali, he said. We must be at that magnitude and that height every day.' Adams continued, "My Sikh brothers and sisters feed thousands of people at their gurdwaras, regardless of people's religion and beliefs, including the corona pandemic."

Let us tell you that a week before this, the festival of lights was declared a public holiday in public schools in New York City. Indian-origin Jennifer Rajkumar, who was elected to the state office in New York, introduced legislation in the state capital that declares Diwali a holiday in the school calendar. Rajkumar said, 'As Hindu-Americans, it is time for us to see who we are. Our culture inspired Martin Luther King Jr, who said that India's Mahatma Gandhi was the 'guiding light' of his movement for social change.'

Emphasizing the importance of respecting women, Eric Adams said, 'Whenever we think of Diwali, we think of Lord Rama and the fight against evil. But when you see that important story, don't forget Mata Sita, don't exclude Sita from that story. Sita was a strong woman who did not succumb to any temptation, she was determined and committed.'

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