America to start trial of coronavirus vaccine on children from next week

Washington: Work has begun on developing a coronavirus vaccine for children. The US company Pfizer has been allowed by the government to test the vaccine on children. The company will start trial next week. The effect of the experimental vaccine will be tested first on 16- and 17-year-old adolescents, then on children between the ages of 12 and 15 years.

Dr. Robert Frank, director of the vaccine research center at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, has said that 90 parents have expressed a desire to send their children to the trial. We will initially see the effect of the vaccine on a dozen children, then be tested on a larger group. We have to keep in mind that the risk of death from the virus in children and adolescents is low, but it is not zero. In the US alone, 50,000 children have been found infected with the coronavirus. According to Frank, the number of cases reported in children so far, the infection is actually higher because the symptoms are not very severe in children, so parents are not able to guess correctly.

Pediatrician Dr. Paul Offit of the University of Penicelvia has said that children's physical structure is different. Giving them a trial vaccine dose can be fatal. This is the reason why companies test its effect by giving experimental vaccine supplements to adults first. It is then given to teenagers and then to younger children.

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