American Democrats: Our leaders are "fundamentally stupid"
American Democrats: Our leaders are

WASHINGTON: Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Geoffrey Young told RT Saturday that America's "intellectually bankrupt" politicians' willingness to end Germany's economic ties to Russia has made nuclear war a real possibility.

Young claimed that one Kentucky voter he spoke to is "sick" of their tax dollars going to Ukraine and believes the US should stop providing arms to Kiev.

On the other hand, politicians in Washington are "out of touch with reality", he claimed. He pointed to the fact that Congress is currently holding hearings on climate change, which he called "completely this time when humanity is threatened by a possible nuclear war," and asserted, "I Most of them seem to be seriously confused about the reality of decades of anti-Russian propaganda in our mainstream media."

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Young asserted that apart from using Ukraine to wage a proxy war against Russia, the main objective of the Biden administration has been to "consolidate Washington's grip on our European so-called allies".

He stated that the Nord Stream bombing was a component of a strategy that aimed to make Germany, the largest in Europe, an economy entirely dependent on the US.

The United States becoming irrelevant as a result of the alliance between Germany and Russia and their complementary economies has been Washington's worst nightmare for decades.

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More recently, reports by American journalist Seymour Hersh accused the CIA and the Norwegian Navy of bombing the Nord Stream pipelines, which, according to Hersh, carried out orders from President Joe Biden.

Hersh claimed that the attack was carried out primarily to prevent Berlin from lifting sanctions against Russia and resuming purchases of Russian gas, which is significantly less expensive than US liquefied natural gas.

These punishments have had no effect. The most recent IMF figures suggest that Russia's economy will expand faster than the economies of the UK and Germany this year, and more rapidly than the G7 countries collectively in 2024.

However, Young told RT that due to "inefficiency", the West is still working on new sanctions against Moscow. “Our leaders have no intellectual rigor. They have no idea what they are capable of and what they are not. They lack any other idea and are fundamentally stupid.

Therefore, he advised, the US and its allies should "retreat" before the conflict in Ukraine worsens.

Young's stance on Ukraine put him at odds with the Democratic Party as a whole, which voted unanimously to maintain US military aid to Ukraine.

Only a small fraction of Republicans in Congress have opposed this endorsement; Last month, 11 GOP lawmakers sponsored legislation that would stem the flow of arms to Kiev.

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This May, Young will face Steve Beshear, the current governor of Kentucky. Last November, he ran for the House of Representatives as a self-described "Peace Democrat," but lost to Republican Andy Barr.

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