All records get broken, American fisherman caught this giant fish

Washington: Joshua Jorgensen, a resident of the Florida province of the United States, had no idea that one day in the sea, he will do such a feat which many people do not even see. Joshua, creator of the online fishing series Blacktip, flew out of Louisiana with his friend Blake Rigby and went out to sea to catch fish. But when he returned, both of his eyes got torn.

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Joshua says, "I was stunned. I had such a feeling that it could be so big, but I didn't even think that I would be able to catch it." Joshua and Blake did not even have a tuna fish for the last several days, but this time they were successful in catching the giant Atlantic Tripletail. Together, they trapped the Atlantic tripletail fish of 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

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On that day, there was a friendly competition between Joshua and Blake in Los Angeles. Along with this, videos of the entire journey were also shot. After wandering for a long time, he tells about Joshua's hand, "This is the biggest I have seen so far." According to Joshua, it took no special effort to catch this fish and the fish automatically got trapped in the trap.

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