Bull swallowed 30-gram gold, now family is taking care to remove it

Chandigarh: A stray bull swallowed 30-gram gold in Sirsa district of Haryana, now people have to work hard to get it removed. In Gali Khetrapal Wali, located in ward number 6 of Kalanwali town, a woman also threw 30-gram gold ornaments along with vegetable peels. The CCTV camera revealed that those ornaments were swallowed by a stray bull with peels.

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After this, the family of the woman identified the stray bull. The bull was captured with a lot of difficulties and was tied in an empty plot. According to media reports, the woman's family has been feeding the bull with plenty of fodder for four days to get the jewels out of the bull's belly, but have not been able to get the jewelry yet. If we look at the market value then the price of 30 grams of gold is about Rs 1,18,000.

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Veterinarians are also being told another option operation, but this threatens the bull's life. Family members say that if gold does not come out, then they will not resort to the operation because they do not want to play with the life of an animal to sleep.

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