Cat did a catwalk on the ramp, people cheered fiercely, watch video here!

New Delhi: You may have often seen models doing catwalks on the ramp, but have you ever wondered why it is called catwalk. You may or may not have thought, but a cat must have thought, that is why she decided that the style known by her name should be seen once by herself and shown it to the world.

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That is why a cute cat in Istanbul not only walked on the ramp with models to tell them how to do a catwalk but also made a lot of banging and even lied down. This fun video has also been shared on social media. The video of a recently held fashion show in Istanbul remains a topic of discussion on social media. This video has been shared by a person on his Instagram page and upon seeing it, it has become fiercely viral.

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The video is not only interesting, but also very funny. In this video, a cat herself is seen doing a catwalk. After this, she has more fun. People were so happy to see this fun of the cat on the ramp that no one tried to stop her during the entire fashion show. Not only this, when the cat did the catwalk, the audience enjoyed it with applause.

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