Strange case surfaced from Delhi, small children will be given pension

New Delhi: You may find it strange to hear how young children will get a pension. The age of one child is four years, and the age of the other is five and a half years. These two children will continue to get a pension of six and a half thousand rupees every month till the age of 18 years. Children's bank account has been opened. His grandmother has been empowered to withdraw money from the bank by making her a guardian.

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This has been made possible by the tireless efforts of Sandeep Gupta, Secretary, Delhi Legal Service Authority and the provision of 'Scheme for Financial Sustainability Education and Welfare of Children 2014'. Perhaps this is the first such case of New Delhi when two children will get a pension. The case is related to Hauz khaz area where Akram Hussain's marriage with Munnavar Jahan took place in 2012. On 29 March 2018, the husband and wife got into a fight. Munnavar was badly engulfed in flames during the dispute. She gave a statement in the hospital that she was burnt by her husband Akram. Munnavar died on April 7 while undergoing treatment.

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After this, the police registered a case of murder and arrested the accused. He is lodged in Tihar jail, but there was no one to handle the couple's two small children. The relatives of Munnavar pleaded for financial assistance at various rates. He said that the children's mother has been killed and the father is imprisoned. Now how will they survive? After this, after the efforts of Sandeep Gupta, now the Delhi government has decided to give pension to both the children.

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