US lawmaker admires PM Modi, says this
US lawmaker admires PM Modi, says this

Washington: US MP Brad Sherman praised PM Narendra Modi for the development work and economic progress done in the country since 2014. He has said that Prime Minister Modi has become the face of India. Taking his point further, he has said that during the tenure of Prime Minister Modi, bilateral relations between India and America have also been strengthened.

Continuing his point in this regard, he said that India's defense relationship with Russia is a challenge in India-US relations. He also said that we have seen significant economic progress. Of course, every country and leader has its own challenges. I don't give credit for the success of any country to just one person.

Sherman House Foreign, working on India-US relations: I mean you have over 1.3 billion people. All of them are engaged in working together to make India a more successful country. Sherman is the senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and has been working on India-US relations for the last 28 years.

American MP targeted China: Taking his point further, he said that I have talked to many businessmen about how India is an excellent investment opportunity. Especially those who manufacture in China must consider the fact that it is not a democracy. It is not a country whose tradition of rule of law can be trusted. Having access to a fair and honest court system is extremely important for the success of any business and India offers that.

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