How Corona virus was born in China? Researchers got big information
How Corona virus was born in China? Researchers got big information

Washington: Amidst speculation about the origin of the coronavirus that has taken the form of an epidemic all over the world, American scientists have received extremely important information. American scientists say that the coronavirus first originated in wild animals and then humans also became infected with it. The coronavirus has affected the whole world and so far 184,280 people have been killed by it. Not only this, but half of the world's population is also forced to spend their lives in lockdown.

Researchers from the US University of California said that the coronavirus epidemic and infectious diseases that have occurred over the past decade are related to wildlife. Professor Paula Cannon at the University said, 'We have created situations in which this happened within a short time. It will happen again after some time. ' Scientists are not yet sure how the latest infection started, but they believe that the coronavirus is spread by horseshoe-shaped bats.

Cannon said that there is enough evidence that the coronavirus spread to humans from bats. At present, the best infection is the origin of this epidemic. Researchers said the coronavirus spread to humans from a meat market in Wuhan, China. Live wildlife were sold in this market. He said that similar infections took place a few years ago during the Mars and Sars.

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