'Arrest Kangana Ranaut' trending on social media amid Sushant suicide case

Jul 30 2020 11:00 AM
'Arrest Kangana Ranaut' trending on social media amid Sushant suicide case

Kangana Ranaut has been a part of discussions for quite some time. Ever since Sushant committed suicide, Kangana has been seen in the headlines. She called Sushant's suicide a planned murder. She targeted many Bollywood star kids and Karan Johar. Every day she is saying something about Bollywood's StarKids. The FIR filed by Sushant's father KK Singh in Bihar has brought a new twist in this case. He has filed an FIR and in this FIR, he has described Rhea Chakraborty as the main accused.

Talking about the Mumbai Police, it has been describing this matter as suicide. Meanwhile, a trend is going on Twitter, which is 'Arrest Kangana Ranaut'. Now Kangana's digital team tweeted about this and wrote- "Finally the budget has come to the movie mafia PR and they are getting the Arrest Kangana Ranaut trend. Come arrest her, it will be easier for her to expose and fix the movie mafia. " Kangana's digital team has written in a tweet, "When criminal cases, death threats, character assassination didn’t stop her #arrestkanganaranaut will only make her more determined, even if you get her killed, like Sushant her being will live to destroy mafia and every wrong they have done to her, please #arrestkanganaranaut"


Apart from this, it has also alleged in another tweet, 'this trend has been carried out by the nepotism gang as they are constantly targeting these people'. Kangana also said, 'She is not afraid and is committed to end this gang continuously'. It said in her tweet, 'We want #arrestkanganaranaut ...let’s arrest her and do a trial in the court of law, truth must come out, either she should win or gang changu mangu must be punished if she is wrong then she must leave the film industry forever, please #arrestkanganaranaut'

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