World economy back on track amid epidemic like Corona
World economy back on track amid epidemic like Corona

Berlin: The outbreak of Corona and the epidemic along with it is becoming a big problem for people in today's time. Due to the epidemic caused by this virus, how many families do not even have food, so many families have lost their lives due to this virus. As of now, 1 lakh 84 thousand people have died due to this virus. The countries of the world have started making efforts to bring the economy back on track. While small shops opened in Berlin on Wednesday, long lines of food takers were seen outside the McDonald's chain in France.

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According to the information received, restrictions are also being reduced in Denmark and Austria, but with doubts expressed by some workers and customers, it seems that the situation will take a long time to return to normal. With the reduction in the number of daily deaths in epidemic hotspots in Italy, Spain, China and New York, demand has been increasing to end the lockdown.

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It is also being said that though millions of people have lost jobs due to the lockdown, but where businesses have been exempted, people are also raising some questions. The gym and salon in Georgia were announced to reopen this week, but a gym owner said it would be negligent to do so. Health officials have also warned that the withdrawal of stay at home order could trigger another round of infection. On the other hand, Australia's Bandi Beach in Sydney will reopen from next week. Some provinces including Tennessee, West Virginia and Colorado in the US have announced to waive the stages of lockdown in the coming days.

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