People makes fake dead body to roam in streets during lockdown
People makes fake dead body  to roam in streets during lockdown

Islamabad: On one hand, the attack of the Coronavirus, which is increasing day by day, has become a problem for the people. Many families are getting affected by this virus every day, the outbreak of this virus has increased so much that its infection is spreading rapidly among people. Till now more than 1 lakh 84 thousand deaths have taken place all over the world. In the meantime, the people of Pakistan went a step ahead and made a living person lie dead in an ambulance to get from one place to another, but when the police removed the shroud lying on it for investigation, the man made the dead got up. He said," we reached? The policemen also got scared on this, then the case was revealed.

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Made a living man dead: One such incident has come to light in Pakistan city of Karachi. Here some people defied the lockdown and prepared the man alive to become the first dead to travel. A report was also published in the Pakistani media about this, after knowing about which people were shocked. The same thing came out of his mouth that people are taking various tricks to get out of the houses. According to the report published in Pakistani media, in this lockdown, the ambulance has the freedom of movement anywhere. They are not being stopped. Under the guise of this exemption, some people took out the journey from ambulance with 'fake bodies'.

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Journey from Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: It has been told in the media report that some people jointly booked an ambulance here, money was also fixed to reach them there. The ambulance driver also agreed, then it was decided who should be put in the ambulance and what excuse should be made so that the ambulance could be removed easily from the checkpost. Then it was decided to litter one of these 10 people by making them dead in an ambulance. The time and place were fixed. The person was made dead and put in an ambulance, the ambulance kept moving through several checkposts.

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