Does Kim Jong said goodbye to world? speculation intensified
Does Kim Jong said goodbye to world? speculation intensified

Washington: A US official has claimed that North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's condition remains critical after severe heart surgery. According to US intelligence agencies, Kim Jong Un had heart surgery in the past which has not been successful. The condition is still very bad, even his death is being feared.

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An American official said the North Korean dictator's life is in danger. According to a CNN report, Kim Jong's health had been bad for the past several months. He smokes them a lot and he also has obesity. Kim Jong Un was last seen on 11 April. Not only this, he did not appear in the program on his grandfather's birthday on April 15. Since Kim Jong took command of North Korea since the year 2011, he has not missed a single jubilee program.

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It is being told that Kim Jong-un is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Hyangsan town. US officials have not yet responded to reports of Kim being brain dead. According to intelligence reports, it is very difficult to get the right information out of North Korea. Kim Jong Un is worshiped like a god in North Korea, so information is coming in very hard. It is also feared that Kim Jong has died, but Korean media is not confirming this.

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