Big news for patients, this drug will protest against cancer
Big news for patients, this drug will protest against cancer

London: In today's time, we all know that the outbreak of the disease is increasing continuously throughout the world, while in this era full of diseases, a disease like corona has become an epidemic for the people. So the cases of other deadly diseases like cancer are constantly increasing. Where many people lose their lives while fighting with cancer disease every day, while cancer is such a deadly disease, which once it is cured, there is a risk of recurrence.

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According to the information, this is due to disturbances in the gene of the affected person and due to low immunity. But now researchers have discovered a drug that will not allow the person to become cancerous again. Researchers studying mice have claimed this.

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According to researchers from Britain's Francis Crick Institute, one of the biggest challenges in cancer research is to prevent cancer in patients who are already undergoing treatment. There are many such cases in cancer patients in which the patient, once healed, falls into cancer again. He said that one of the reasons for this is that some cancer cells have to survive in patients during treatment. These cells are able to grow into a new tumor. If such cells are left during the removal of the tumor, after a few years they start raising their head again and make the patient sick. That is why doctors take extra precautions during the treatment of cancer patients.

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Research and studies have reported that a drug called quasinostat was found to be effective in preventing the re-growth of tumors after initial treatment in mice. Additionally, it can prevent the expansion of living cancer cells. The researchers said that this drug works by increasing the amount of protein called histone H1.0 within the tumor cells. They said that this protein prevents the replication of cancer cells and prevents tumors from growing.

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