Amit Shah hails BSF On 59th Raising Day
Amit Shah hails BSF On 59th Raising Day

Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivered glowing praise for the Border Security Forces (BSF) on their 59th Raising Day, commending their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation's borders. Speaking at an event in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, Shah expressed gratitude for the BSF's pivotal role in ensuring the country's security, allowing him and the citizens to rest without concerns.

In his address to the paramilitary force, Shah emphasized the significant responsibility shouldered by the BSF, whether at the Pakistan or Bangladesh borders. He acknowledged the tension inherent in facing potential threats but expressed his reassurance when the BSF stands resolute in their duty.

"The dedication of our soldiers at the forefront of our borders brings peace of mind. When the protectors of our borders are vigilant, the nation need not worry," Shah remarked, conveying his pride as the Home Minister for the commendable service rendered by the BSF.

During his speech, Shah underscored the pivotal link between a secure border and the nation's progress, attributing the successful hosting of the G20 Summit and the Chandrayaan-3 mission to the safe borders maintained through the sacrifices and commitment of BSF personnel.

"A nation's development hinges on secure borders. Under PM Modi's leadership, our country has made strides in various spheres. The BSF's sacrifice and dedication are the bedrock of our nation's development," Shah asserted.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also extended his accolades to the BSF on their Raising Day, acknowledging their valor and unwavering spirit in protecting the nation's frontiers. He lauded the BSF's role not only in border security but also in their swift response during natural disasters for rescue and relief operations.

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