CAA: Amit Shah, raging on Rahul Gandhi, says-
CAA: Amit Shah, raging on Rahul Gandhi, says- "If you have not read the law, I'll send it in Italy language..."

Jaipur: Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a public meeting on Friday in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act. During this, Amit Shah fiercely targeted the leaders of the opposition, including former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Amit Shah announced that as much confusion should be spread, but the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will not back an inch on this law.

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Amit Shah said that if Rahul Gandhi has read the law, then he can argue with them. Amit Shah said that Congress, Mamata Didi, SP, BSP, Kejriwal, and Company are all opposing this act, I challenge all of them to prove that it will harm a minority. Amit Shah said that Rahul Baba, if you have read the law, then come to the debate on it. If you have not read, I am ready to send you a translation of it in Italy.

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Amit Shah said that even if all parties are united, BJP will not return even an inch on CAA. Whatever confusion is to be spread, spread it. But we will not back down on this law. In the public meeting, Amit Shah gave a number to the people and asked them to register their support for the citizenship law by giving a missed call. The number given by Amit Shah is- 8866288662.

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