Due to this addiction, Gabbar had tied the buffalo on the set, girls used to fear him
Due to this addiction, Gabbar had tied the buffalo on the set, girls used to fear him

Today is the birthday of Bollywood actor Amjad Khan but today he is not in this world. Let us tell you that he was called the successful villain of the industry. Amjad also appeared in supporting roles and did a fantastic job. At the same time, in real life apart from the film world, he was a very brilliant man and after seeing his character, people became crazy about him. He played every character very beautiful and with that, he was very strong.

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Let us tell you that Amjad Khan's friendship was very deep with Big B and both shared a good bonding on the sets of 'Sholay'. While sharing an anecdote during this time, Amitabh once told that 'Amjad Khan was very fond of tea.' Yes, in fact, Amitabh Bachchan knew Amjad Khan very closely and once Amitabh told that "Amjad was very fond of tea. You cannot count how much tea he used to drink during the shoot. One was tea and the other was his joke. These two things had a special place in his life. Once there was no milk available on the set. So the next day Amjad Khan brought a buffalo near the canteen.

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It is said that he used to drink more than 20 teas a day. "Let us tell you that Amjad Khan and Amitabh Bachchan did many films together and the onscreen chemistry between both the hero villains was well appreciated. At the same time, Amitabh himself had revealed that, "When he scripted 'Sholay', he told the director that he wants to play Gabbar but Ramesh Sippy chose him to play Jai." 'Let us tell you that Amjad became so famous in the name of Gabbar that the girls of that time started to fear him.

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