Amritash Garg A young and influencive travel enthusiast who is an inspiration

Amritash Garg, a common boy from a small city such as Muzaffarpur is today influencing thousands of users on social media. In this niche of personal branding, there is a huge competition and also a lot of hate. Fortunately, Amritash has managed to tackle both and has emerged as a talented and well-recognised face in travel blogging. At his young age when most people are reckless about their career, Amritash managed to not only make a successful career for himself but also stays ahead when it comes to helping others. 

Travelling is neither easy nor boring. Amritash says that many times, he is exhausted with travel fatigue but his responsibility towards his viewers fills energy into him and he anyhow manages to smile at the camera and narrates all the adventures with total enthusiasm. Many times, users expect him to review a particular location of their choice and it becomes very challenging for him to manage his pre-planned travel schedule. But since travelling is his first love, so he bags up to travel again. He has covered not only Indian but many exotic locations as well. Amritash’s skill to deal with the camera and interact with his thousands of users has brought him, this much success at such an early age. 

He studied at Oxford University and his travel blogging from the United Kingdom has been the favourite of his followers. Choosing this off the beat profession was not an easy choice, because Amritash has always been aware of what it takes to be a travel influencer. Choosing the correct word is of utmost importance while reviewing or sharing the experience of a particular location, as it might offend the natives or those who feel connected to that place. 

Amritash’s learning skill and experience have taught him to tackle such situations with the utmost delicacy. He perfectly knows the way to handle any situation and that is what keeps showering more and more love from his viewers. Amritash has already got a lot of attention and following but he still thinks that there is a long way to go ahead. With this attitude, he can certainly achieve the luxury of being counted as one of the most popular travel enthusiasts in the world.

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