This couple threw their engagement ring in the trash
This couple threw their engagement ring in the trash

Recently, such a news has come out which is shocking. This news is from Australia where a couple accidentally threw their wedding and engagement rings in the garbage and when they remembered this, they searched those rings in a truck full of 30 tons of garbage. Let me tell you that the rings were of diamonds and when both of them threw it, both of their got shocked and both went out to find him. According to a report, the couple living in Melbourne's Malvern had their house renovated and on Saturday, when they sent all the debris to the dumping yard via a truck, their jewellery box was also gone.

In this case, Stonington City Council spokesman Jim Kardon says, "The couple made a call to pick up the trash after renovation of the house." Our team arrived and brought garbage to the collection centre. Later, Kapal noticed that he accidentally threw the jewellery box in the garbage which contained his wedding and engagement rings. "While the couple called the collection centre, it was closed and while Jim gave them the next Called daytime morning.

In this case, Jim told, "The couple reached the collection centre at 4 in the morning. After this, the employees discovered the truck that contained the wreckage of their house. There was 30 tons of garbage in the truck. Therefore, full debris was removed to find the rings. It had much more than furniture, plywood. After 3 hours of hard work, his jewellery box was found. "Couple said that he did not sleep all night. At the same time, Jim Cardon said about this, "This is the kind of thing with which a man is emotionally attached." But I would like to appeal to people not to do such negligence. Because our employees work extremely hard. If everyone starts doing this then it will not be easy to help.

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