Andhra CM launches 175 veterinary ambulances

VIJAYAWADA: Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, has created a government-run ambulance network for the welfare of animals and cattle, with the goal of improving the state's veterinary sector.
On Thursday, the CM flagged off 175 veterinary ambulances in the first phase of the Dr YSR Mobile Ambulatory Veterinary Clinical Services, which cost Rs 143 crore.  A total of 340 Veterinary Ambulances would be deployed across the state in two phases at a cost of Rs 278 crore.

MAVC, according to animal husbandry and fisheries minister Seediri Appalraju and authorities, is similar to the 108 Ambulances, which answer to calls and arrive on the scene in minutes after any small disaster. The MAVCS vans will also contain cutting-edge cattle health care amenities.

The government would maintain these vehicles, which will deliver critical and high-quality veterinary services to pets, including dairy cattle, in both rural and urban settings. Out of the entire budgeted sum of Rs 278 crore for this project, Rs 155 crore has been set aside for vehicle upkeep.

The service also offers artificial insemination, professional veterinary diagnosis, and on-the-spot veterinary care. It would also aid in the assessment of veterinary disease spread and elimination.

A veterinarian, an assistant with a veterinary diploma, and a driver-cum attendant are on board each vehicle. It features a tiny laboratory with a microscope that can perform 20 different sorts of manure testing, 15 different types of blood tests, artificial insemination, and a hydraulic facility to load the animal into the truck. The vans will also carry critical medications.

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