Kodali Nani takes dig at the opposition, says 'Why there is objection in giving home to the poor'
Kodali Nani takes dig at the opposition, says 'Why there is objection in giving home to the poor'

Vijayawada: Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani spoke to reporters at Lingavaram in Gudivada mandal of Krishna district on Wednesday. During this, he questioned, 'Why are the opposition, public organizations and Amravati JAC objecting to the granting houses to the poor in Amravati.' During this time he also said that, 'CM Jagan has announced that houses will be built in Amravati for 55,000 poor people of Vijayawada and Guntur regions. Amravati JAC is objecting to this because Amravati will not feel good because of the poor living there, its beauty can be spoiled by these people living.

Yes, according to the information received, due to the poor living there, there can be an atmosphere like a slum. He says that those who want to live in Amravati should build houses within 600 and 1000 yards. The issue of housing for the poor is not in the CRDA Act. By the way, let us also tell you that by saying this, orders have also been taken from the court. During this time, Kodali Nani was also supported by the opposition leader Chandrababu. He said that, 'CRDA has enacted a law on housing for the poor. JAC, TDP and farmers do not agree that the law should be repealed by CM YS Jagan and houses should be given to the poor in Amravati. If this continues, how will the capital develop? The government is trying to provide permanent residence to about two lakh people in Amravati and it is absolutely wrong to obstruct it.

Further Kodali Nani said, 'Why are there legislatures in the area where the poor are not allowed to live? I will explain it in writing to CM Jagan. Nevertheless, Amravati JAC, TDP leaders and feudal-minded people have to agree to give houses to the poor in Amravati. '

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