Angry husband beat wife so much that she passed away

Mumbai: A man brutally murdered his wife in Pune, Maharashtra. The delinquent husband was angry that his wife was not taking care of his child well. In anger, he beat his wife so much that she left at the same time. The criminal husband has been taken into custody by the police.

Where it has come to know that Tauseef used to live with his wife Asma Sheikh and 3 children in Kasewadi area of ​​Pune. But for a long time there was always a debate between the two Mian and Biwi.

On Monday night at 11.30, Tauseef told his wife Asma that "You are not handling the children properly, do not pay attention to them." Saying this, Tauseef started beating him mercilessly. After which everyone went to sleep. When everyone woke up on Tuesday morning, Asma did not wake up. Tausif immediately took him to the doctor. Where after examining him, the doctor declared him dead. The police arrested Tauseef on the charge of killing his wife.

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