Anjali Arora gets brutally trolled for showing off her iPhone 14: Watch
Anjali Arora gets brutally trolled for showing off her iPhone 14: Watch

With the release of the 14th-generation iPhone, iPhone fever has returned. Anjali Arora of Lock Upp fame is one of the many celebrities who have already become the proud owners of the new launch. The girl was spotted at the airport and was very excited to show off her brand-new iPhone 14 when the photographer asked if she had already purchased the device. She responded enthusiastically that she had become the proud owner of South Delhi's first iPhone 14 while the photographer also informed her that she was the first TV celebrity to win the device, and unsurprisingly, she was pleased with the news.

Although it is certain that she is not in the MMS video that was leaked online, the internet community attacked her harshly nonetheless. Despite this, she continues to face the backlash. And this time, the internet has been especially cruel to the actress and has posted derogatory remarks. Look at how badly Anjali is being criticized for purchasing an iPhone 14 by the public. While her supporters cheered her on and expressed their happiness at her becoming one of the first celebrities to own the recently released iPhone 14.


Anjali Arora rose to fame after participating in the Kangana Ranaut-hosted Lock Upp. With her tenacious play and her love angel with Munawar Faruqui, who took home the show's title, the girl became well-known. They later acknowledged that the romance angle was only included to increase the show's TRP and that they are simply close friends. Although this news devastated the Munjali fans. Despite not yet confirming the rumors, there is a lot of talk that Anjali has been approached to appear on Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 16.

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