30 lakh snakes are cultivated in this village, reason will blow your senses
30 lakh snakes are cultivated in this village, reason will blow your senses

Snake is an animal whose shocks everyone when they hear its name. In fact, the snake is one of the most dangerous animals on earth, and its bite can kill humans. However, you will be surprised to know that there is also a place in the world where snakes are cultivated. Yes, you may not be sure, but it is true. In fact, in a village in China's Zhejiang province, people raise snakes in their homes. Not only this, but it is because of these snakes that these people run their houses. Although people generally do many types of work to make a living, but what happens here is very dangerous. In fact, the village we talk about is Jisikiao.

Snakes are cultivated here. Yes, and about 30 lakh snakes are cultivated here every year. It is said that the people living in this village have made these snakes their main source of income. It is also said that snakes were first cultivated in this village in 1980. Yes and this means that the people of this village have been working to raise snakes instead of crops in the fields for the last several years. It is said that poisonous snakes are also used a lot in Chinese medicines here. Yes, and these snakes are very useful. About 1000 people live in this village.

It is said that there are more than 100 snake farms in this village and from this, the trade of snakes can be estimated. Let us also inform you that these snakes are used to cure skin diseases to cancer medicines. From poisonous snakes like cobra, viper, python, and rattle to unsweetened snakes are also cultivated here.

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