Central government gives another big shock to China
Central government gives another big shock to China

In the last few days, there is a situation of tension in many countries of the world. Meanwhile, after banning the app and color TV, the Central Government has given another blow to China. The government has decided to impose an anti-dumping duty for 5 years on imports of digital printing plates from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

This decision has been made in order to promote domestic manufacturers, who were defeated in making such plates during cheap imports from these countries. Anti-dumping duty has been imposed for 6 months at $ 150.80 per tonne on chemical aniline, imported from China, and used in place of printing.

The Directorate General of Branch Trade, which investigated the Ministry of Commerce, found that large amounts of digital offset printing plates were coming from these countries. The Directorate General of Branch Trade recommended the imposition of anti-dumping duty on these plates used in the printing industry. Subsequently, the Revenue Department issued a notification in this regard. This duty ranges from $ 0.13 to $ 0.77 per square meter. The Directorate General of Branch Trade says that these plates were being deliberately exported from these countries to India at a low rate, which was hurting domestic industries. In retaliation, the central government has given a blow to China.

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