Take advice from experts before doing anti Gravity yoga, know its benefits

Sep 11 2019 05:08 PM
Take advice from experts before doing anti Gravity yoga, know its benefits

Yoga is special for everyone, which you can do everyday and keep yourself fit. There are many forms of yoga, one of them is anti gravity yoga. This is done by hanging yourself in the air. There are many types of yogasanas in anti gravity yoga. It has its own distinct advantages, knowing about which you will also use it. But before doing yoga, you must consult an expert.

How to do anti-gravity yoga
To do this yoga, you need a big silk cloth. Tie this cloth firmly on both sides of the roof. Now, while doing some action, put this cloth on the body. The cloth should be a few feet above the ground. While performing this yoga posture, keep the entire weight of your body on the cloth. With the help of your hands and feet, try to do any posture. Keep the grip of your hands and feet on the cloth, once you learn how to do it and make balance then you will be able to do different yoga activities easily.

The advantages
1 Since your body is in the air while doing this, it is easy to keep the body balanced. Balance the body weight while doing yoga.

2. It also helps in Digestion. Many types of postures are made in Anti Gravity Yoga. There is a lot of stretching of the entire body in these postures. Due to this, the process of digesting food in the body remains healthy. Food is easily digested. Digestion works fast.

3 In this, you have to do different yoga poses, which improves blood flow in the body. Due to better blood flow, a sufficient amount of oxygen reaches the body muscles. Skin related problems are less. Inadequate intake of blood in the body also causes skin related problems. It also removes the dark circle.

4. By doing 4 anti-gravity yoga, oxygen reaches the muscles well. Blood circulation is right, due to which there is no pressure of any kind on the heart. It always keeps the heart-healthy. There is less risk of cardiovascular-related problems like heart attack and stroke.

5 Those who are troubled by the back pan should also do anti-gravity yoga. Since there is stretching of every part of the body, due to which the back pain gives a lot of relief. Flexibility increases in the body, which relieves physical pain.

6 You can also do this yoga to lose weight. In this, different actions have to be done while keeping the weight of the body balanced. In this case, the calories present in the body burn quickly. With its help, you can reduce fat quite fast. The whole body gets a good workout.

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