Anurag Kashyap was kicked out of Tere Naam after he asked Salman Khan to do this
Anurag Kashyap was kicked out of Tere Naam after he asked Salman Khan to do this

One of the best movies of Salman Khan, Tere Naam was supposed to be directed by Anurag Kashyap but Anurag was kicked out from the movie as according to him Salman was not the best choice for the film.

Anurag reportedly in an interview said that there was a lot of change in the film as per producers and so he was assigned to direct the film. He was at that time basking in the success of Satya, was brought on board to direct Tere Naam, he wasn't convinced if Salman Khan was the right choice for the role of Radhey, a man who hailed from Uttar Pradesh's Mathura and Angra. The producers, however, had already made a decision, and hence, Kashyap came up with a few suggestions for Salmaan.

Anurag asked Salman to grow some chest hair to make the character look the real UP waala as UP boys don't have shaved chests. Anurag Kasyap recalled the reaction of the Salman and said , " When I told this to Salman, he was only staring at me and he didn’t say a word. The next day I got a call from the producer of the film and called for a meeting. As soon as I reached to meet, the producer threw the glass at me and started abusing saying, 'Tu Salman ko Baal game key liye bolega'". And this is how he was kicked out of the film and Satish Kaushik was taken into consideration as a director. Tere Naam latter became the big blockbuster and the songs of the movie also became very popular.

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