Anything for Food: Monsoon Edition


Monsoon, a season when your brain automatically releases the ‘happy hormones’ and food is a necessity to up the feel-good game. The time when it rains is known for sizzling hot pakoras and steaming hot tea, but we all need something new in our life, be it for adventures, or for food. 

Here’s a list of some easy-to-make, little unique foods, that you can make just by yourself. 

The number one on the list, is Momos, it doesn’t matter whether you’re non-vegetarian or not, whether you’re on a diet, or feel like going all out, the particular dish goes for all, chop up the vegetables you want, and follow the recipe. Serve it with garlic chutney and you’re ready to go. 

Next up is Jalebi, craving something sweet but can’t go out? Add this sweet dish to your monsoon diaries. Jalebi’s dipped in sugary syrup, are just mouth-watering perfect. 

Coming up next is Vada Paav, even though it is a trademark delicacy of Mumbai but it is available in every corner of the country, the dish is best served with green. 

Soup, a bowl of hot steamy soup, whether with vegetables or without, is all you need to feel that cozy-warm feeling. It is not only relaxing but also helps you fight viruses. 

Last but not the least is Bhutta (Corn), go to a tapri, or anywhere you see Bhutta, and ask them to cook up a stove-hot bhutta, tag along a friend with you, enjoy the earthy scent of rain, and eat away the piece of corn.

Get, Set, Ready, and Monsoon!

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